She Makes The World Better

I need to stop being a slacker here and get back to writing I tell you. You came for your visit and set my world on fire. It's not a bad thing trust me. You made me smile, you made my family smile and you made my friends smile. You are and infectious young woman... Continue Reading →

RS015 – Dreams

I have no words today. Dolores O'Riordan was my youth. My coming age and one of my first writing while listening music inspirations. Between her, The Sundays and the Cocteau Twins I was angsty young man with girl crushes. The only one I worshipped more than her was Jewel. When I joined the military and... Continue Reading →

RS014 – Jackson

I cannot miss a day on this as I have been doing so well. I must admit I was out last night. It was the roomies bday. She turned 33. I am not young enough for late nights to be honest so today I am dragging. Anyway here is your song of the day Jackson... Continue Reading →

RS013 – Get Up

I am not at all that familiar with this band to be honest. They are kind of an accident today. I told Alexa to play "Get on up" by James Brown because I was in a funk mood. She of course misunderstood me and played "Get Up - Now What's Next" by Mount Holly. It... Continue Reading →

RS012 – Bonfire

Ok when you listen to this one maybe cover the ears of the little one on board. Be warned this is pretty bad word wise. This is one of my favorite rappers although he does not rap anymore. I think what I really like about him is he is a actually a very educated and... Continue Reading →

Fahrenheit 451

"They are so confident that they will run on forever. But they won't run on. They don't know that this is all one huge big blazing meteor that makes a pretty fire in space, but that some day it'll have to hit." I think I told you that me Kristen are reading Fahrenheit 451 together.... Continue Reading →

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