Pink, Bald and A Dass?

So why I chose that photo? I have no idea. I figure what other get to know me revelation thing can I come up with today? Then I skimmed some photos and said he this one will inspire a story. It has not so far. I look at it and wonder why I even tool that goofy thing. I think I was camping and it was all I had to warm myself. And dear lord did you see that nasty Goat Tee. I actually thought I was cool with that thing. At one point it went down my chest almost to my belly button. Gross things to know about your old man I am sorry to say. Now I am in a beard phase. I have to have facial hair though. When you are in a fat phase like I am now with the butt chin I have it i snot very attractive. Plus no chin makes me round very round in the head area. So facial hair makes me look normal lol.

So that photo was taken while camping. As you may have surmised I am a fan of travel. I have no problem dropping a tent in the car and sleeping on the ground. I am all about travel on the cheap though. I dont need to spend money for a fancy hotel when all I will be doing is sleeping in a bed. I would rather take that money and spend it on food and memories. I am the master of the cheap road trip. Folks that say vacations are expensive are so wrong. I have one coming up in February with Marissa (My Bestie) for her birthday. We will be headed to San Diego, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Las Cruces New Mexico and White Sands New Mexico. It will take us 5 days and 2000 miles and cost about $300 each tops. It also gets me 4 more states for my quest.

Oh that reminds me. You need to scope out a great welcome to Alaska sign for me because I am sure to visit you this year. I am excited.

Ok that ramble out of a silly picture went way into left field. In conclusion, I like camping and hiking and maybe one day we can go on one such an adventure together. Fingers crossed.

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