A Poem

A Poem
A true poem does not have to involve a rhyme
Just a little play with words and time
A poem is just a thought placed on display
To mold and shape like a sculptor’s clay

Those who read and understand
Know poems, like life, are never bland
A poem can intrigue or complicate
It can even place a romantic twist on fate

A poem is there for those that are pleasurable and kind
Even for the mad like Poe, who lost his mind
It is there for those who are sad and depressed
A poem can be relief for someone who is overstressed

A poem can describe a somber rainy day
Or a glorious sunrise in early may
It can recapture a fading memory
Or a poem can share a dream that will never be

A poem is something that anyone can appreciate
For in the mind it opens a little gate
A passageway to all that can possibly be
All it takes is you and little creativity

Robert Lloyd

So I wrote this poem a long time ago. Honestly I think it was around the time I was living at Ft. Meyer. That is where your mom and I met. It is in Arlington Virginia. I remember clearly that if you went out the back gate there was a very steep hill that went right by the Iwo Jima Memorial. It is one of the famous Washington D.C. memorials. I remember how steep it was because my friends and I would roller blade down it. Talk about crazy. Back then rollerblading was cool. We would blade all over the monuments. Well not the actual monuments but around them on the smooth sidewalks. I used to play roller hockey in front of the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. No joke right in front. Sometimes we’d knock our puck into the white house lawn and the secret service would throw it back. Those times were obviously prior to 911. I used to rollerblade to the Smithsonian, sling my blades on my back and explore all the museums. They are free. When I was not in a party mood that was where I could be found. My favorite museums where the American History and Natural History. You could spend hours in there and never see it all.  I recently went back on my latest road trip. I do miss those museums.  San Antonio really lacks good museums.  Anyway I got lost in thought.

This poem is the one I have at the beginning of the book project I have been working on for ten years.  You can tell it was early in my writing journey because it is all rhymey. But I like it none the less and figure it is a great opener for a book.  I don’t know why but I figured I would share it with you.

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