RS004 – Record Year

I know you are not much into country and up until 2016 neither was I. Having said that this song and album played a very important part in my life. I was just going through my divorce with a person I loved for over 11 years. I pretty much still lover her. So there I was being annoyed by every song because of the memories they brought with them. It is really hard having your heart broken when music is such and important part of your life. Memories haunt you like ghosts and at the turn of a nob, a song plays and boom you have been reminded about what you lost. This is when I turned to country music. Now anyone with common sense would be like but it is so sad and depressing. I would say they are correct but what country music had for me at that time was no memories tied to it. You see I am not the biggest fan of modern country or what I like to call “Bro Country”. I have always been a fan of the classics and real country music. I enjoy Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, old Garth Brooks and so much more. I could not stand the new country so I never listened to it. Fast forward to divorce days and thats the only thing played in my ear. I did not know the words and none of it reminded me or her or us. This is when I fell in love with the song Record Year. If you listen to the words it was as if he wrote the song for me. It nailed my life at the time in 3 plus minutes of music.

Here I was going through a divorce. At the time she had moved to California and I was sitting around playing all my vinyls. I had just bought a very expensive record player and every night I would listen to old music and ponder life and why I was alone. It was a good thing though because in that time I think I found myself. If you listen to the song most of the records he lists I actually own. This made my connection with the song even more understandable.

So here you have it. A country song. Eric Church’s Record Year. That was my 2016.

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