My sunrise starts in Alaska
A place I have never even been
She wakes
An easy walkable 4112 miles away from me
Yet across the distance
I can sense her good morning smile
And instantly, I smile as well
Excitedly awaiting the days first electronic hello
While I pull on my boots
Going about a newly discovered and welcomed life

It is said
All things have a season
Mine seems to have just begun
She has become my light house
A beacon shining bright
In this foggy life of age
20 years past due
I know she is not porcelain
But I hope to not break her with misplaced words
Or idiot actions

My sunset begins in Anchorage
A place I will one day be
She sleeps and she dreams
And I hope to somehow
Ferry those dreams to truth
But for now, just knowing she is there
Beautiful and determined
She is the beginning of the hope
I never knew I needed

Robert Lloyd
4 January 2018

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