RS005 – Three Little Birds

My favorite song, my motto, the way I try to live my life. Here you have Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Crazy fact: I love and listen to Bob Marley all the time and he is the singer of my favorite all time song and you would think that with a vinyl collection as extensive as mine I would have his album. D’oh I do not. I just realized that the other day. I hovered over it on Amazon but never clicked buy. The cheapest I could find was for $35 or so. Now mind you it is not that I am cheap. It is merely the principal of the fact. I have so many awesome albums worth lots of money that I paid $1 or $5 at the most. I pride myself and finding the vinyl bargain. All the damn hipsters are driving up the prices though I tell you. It makes me sad that they are making vinyl a trend and it will take another 3 or 4 years before it goes out of style. Did you know that Vinyl outsold all other forms of music media except the download last year? Ok vent over lol. I love this song. When you are on FB or Instagram and check in at my house it comes up as Bogey’s 3 lil Birds Record Lounge and Brewhouse. I used to make my own beer. I have painting on my wall when you come in, it is of 3 little birds and is the first thing you see. I guess it’s just such and uplifting song to me and a great attitude to have. I like thinking that I dont have to worry because everything is gonna be all right.

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