The Old People In My Life

Don’t tell them I said that. But that pic above is of my parents (Your other Grandparents). We don’t have many photos together and they usually hide from the camera so its hard to find any of them. This is from 2011 when I got married. Yep I was fat and had a giant Goat Tee. Just ignore all that while I tell you about the man and woman to the left and right of me. Your grandpa is named Edwin Rivera. He has no middle name but is a senior because my brother is and Edwin Junior. My pops was born in Bayamon Puerto Rico in 1952 on December 2nd. He has a million half brother and sisters but none full brothers or sisters. He moved to San Antonio with his parents when he was a young lad and went to high school in Texas before he ran off and signed up for the Army. He was married once before my mom but divorced her not long after he met my mother. Ohh the Scandal! Anyway he was stationed in Germany, met my mom and their Romeo and Juliet relationships was on fire. I mean minus the whole they both commit suicide at the end. They are still together 43 plus years later. Your Grandma, my mom, is Karen Frey Rivera. She was born in I think Stutgart Germany, September 13th 1952. The rumor is it was a Friday teh 13th. Oooooh Spooky? lol. She had 11 brothers and sisters. 2 or 3 died in World War II. When I was born she only had 7 left. The three daughters are the youngest. She met my pops and they fell in love so quick they forgot their senses and made me on November 18th 1974. The rest they say is history? I mean well more history to get in to later lol. But you will meet them soon enough. Mom moved to the states and has never been back to Germany. She became a citizen in the late nineties or early 2000’s I cant rightly recall. She still has a german accent. My dad has a slight PR accent. I dont know how I ever came out talking normal. I mean besides the one time I had to have surgery on my mouth because my tongue was nearly attached to my front lip. Ok I am done with the rambling here are a few more photos of the old people in my life lol. Oh there little dogs too!  I feel like I need some Wizard of Oz music going here with the wicked witch lol.

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