Zee Cousin


This Brianna.  She is a very sweet and awesome young lady who is making her way in this world.  She is going to be 13 on the 14th of January.  She is your only cousin on this side of the family. My brother has only one child with his ex. They kind of share custody but she spends most of her time with her mom. Life is complicated for her at the moment so she cherishes every moment with her grandparents she can get. She has a great spirit and positive attitude adn really excited to meet you according to my mom. I hope she gets the chance. It will depend on how things are in Denmark. Sometimes they are rotten and we are not allowed to be graced with her presence. She is WWE and huge walking dead fan. She gets that from her father. I myself got bored with the show after season two lol.  I still think it is better than Lord of the rings though so thats something.  lol

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