I Used to be a Runner

It is crushing when your body betrays you and along with it goes a passion. As I have mentioned before I used to be a runner. It started out as a trickle and then grew into a healthy addiction. I ran nearly 800 miles in 2015 alone. 2016 was supposed to top that and I was well on pace. I would run a 100 miles in a month easily. At one point I was on a streak of 11 official half marathons race wise in 11 straight months. That did not even include the two full marathons I did and a bunch of trail races I did. I was decent at it. OK I was good at it. I would say at my peak I had my run times down into the low 7 minutes miles trying to get into the high 6’s (That’s fats for a guy my age). I was always in the top 20 percent of racers in most races and I hit the podium 1 out of every 2 races for my age group. I was healthy and in shape and then it all fell apart in the fall of 2016.


I am sports junky and speed and great accuracy has always been my saving grace. I was not blessed with power or extreme skill but where I lacked my legs could make up for it or I could hit a target. I was playing softball. Pitching for an all men’s upper tier softball league. It was not a beer league by any means. We played with ex-pros and college athletes who didn’t make the big show. There I was pitching to a guy the size of a redwood tree and hit smacked his home run ball straight into my leg. I turned in enough time to avoid any breaks but the bruising and tissue damage lasted months. I had to stay in bed for a few days with my leg elevated just to ensure I did not throw a blood clot. The doc says where I older they would have done surgery and removed it. So three months after the bruise traveled to my foot. The whole time me seeing the color of the rainbow on my skin I was healed. Yay I get to run again! Not so fast.

Turns out after someone who runs and plays sports for numerous amounts of years stops, well the body realizes it has other broken parts that adrenaline and constant go tend to hide. I woke up one morning had a pop in my back and hit the floor in the worst pain ever. I had a ruptured herniated disc (L5-S1). My doc said no more running. The second opinion said I can but every time I have tried I have been too scared to push it. 2017 saw me run a mere 80 miles total and I have yet to run this year. I got scared, fat (Put on 55 lbs) and lazy. My diet went to crap and my passion faded.

So I hope to change that in 2018. I want to run again. I know I may never reach the pinnacle of where I was but I need to motivate myself. I need to be healthy and active once more. So maybe me telling you this is one more reason I get off the pity myself stage and try and be a better healthier person.

I used to be a runner and I soon will be a runner once again.

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