RS009 – Atlantis and Oceans

Today I offer you two melancholy songs. I know what the heck Robb get off the soft slow song kick. I guess it is what I tend to listen to at work. I cant very well go around jamming out to Metallica in the office. I promise to give you some of my other favorites. I had been jamming out to Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang and few others right before Christmas. I go through Phases. I guess that is what happens when you listen to everything huh?

Any way if you are a Game of Thrones fan you will notice Maisie Williams in the second video. I love GOT by the way. So much better than LOTR. There he goes again picking on the hobbits. I love the triumph and struggle that Maisie acts out in the second song and the first one although sad also has a bit of a “Where the Wild Things Are” feel. Seafret is great sit there and read a book music if you ask me. They are great on a rainy day when you just feel like being alone and contemplating life. Just as long as we dont sit and want to be alone for too long. I hope you like it. Till next time. DJ Robb is out.

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