RS010 – Dead Sea

I stood alone, upon the platform in vain
The puerto ricans they were playing me salsa in the rain
With open doors and manual locks
In fast food parking lots

I know I said I would go upbeat but considering what was on your doorstep last night or today I figured I would choose this song for the day. The self titled first album by the Lumineers is one of my favorite ones currently. It is on constant play in my house. Yes it is full of romance and sadness but I find it very calming and thought provoking. Every time I listen to the album I pull something else from it thought wise. I play it a lot when I read, write or just try and take a nap. The band is amazingly talented and if you ever get a chance to watch their videos you will see they tell a story in each on and even have them all intertwine. Their new or latest album Cleopatra is just as good (Although I have not purchased it yet. Thank you Alexa).

I chose this song to post because of the first stanza. It calls to my wandering heart and jumbled life. Plus it’s silly but they say puerto ricans and so I am like hey thats me! Silly I know but we can never tell what draws you to a song. I don’t think there is a single bad song in the album. Actually there a few that I think are better than this one. Big Parade, Flapper Girl, Ho Hey, Flowers in Her Hair are just a few. By now you should have this album and be able to decide for yourself while listening to their amazing music between the cracks and pops of vinyl.

I hope you listen to this on occasion and find inspiration from it and know I am listening to min often and doing just the same.

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