Did you already pee this morning?

Wow that was a personal and gross question wasn’t it? Ok Ok trust me I am going somewhere with this. I wonder if you have an Ikea where you are at? This is very pivotal in the peeing process. It turns out that if you get their add and pee on it. If it says your pregnant (Proof) and you bring it in you can save up to 60% on baby furniture and stuff. It is apparently a pregnancy test.

I cant imagine how you take that in or what the person behind the register feels like when you present it dripping in a ziplock bag but hey! You can save up to $600 on some items. Gross I know but kind of funny?

I can see worried couples now. Especially the teen pregnancies in high school. Rather than face the shame and judgment at the check out of the local pharmacy or grocery store, or their parents finding out by seeing a pregnancy test in the trash, they just get a bunch of IKEA adverts. Poor confused moms and dads everywhere will wonder why their daughter is peeing on magazines.

Anyway. I thought it was humorous but at the same time it could save yo a very large amount of money! See I am thinking of you all the time.

For the record we have an Ikea here in Austin I can take you too and then you can have stuff shipped if you don’t have one there in Alaska. Bahahah

Ok sick humor of the day done.

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