Fahrenheit 451

“They are so confident that they will run on forever. But they won’t run on. They don’t know that this is all one huge big blazing meteor that makes a pretty fire in space, but that some day it’ll have to hit.”

I think I told you that me Kristen are reading Fahrenheit 451 together. It is part of my 2018 goals to read more so we began a party of two book club. You, Anne and anyone else are welcome to join in should you want. It would be a neat kind of bonding discussion thing. the next book we will be reading is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I have no idea what it is about and so I am going in blind but I was told my picky butt will probably like it. My rules were simple though for the books. Nothing too sappy or sad or no truth and real life stories. I want to read to imagine. I want the fiction. I have too much of real life at times and reading is an escape for me. But here I am rambling and way off my initial point.

The above quote stuck in my mind like a sticker burr in your leg hair. Here in Texas we have a lot of those and if you have ever seen my legs you will knwo the two dont mix well. I either have to cut them out with scissors or leave them be for bit. They are sorter so the don’t poke they end up being like a annoying scab that you eventually forget about until one day they are gone. That was what this quote was too me. It was both beautiful and annoying.

While the author points out the ignorance of the folks he is describing and we realize how dumb they seem. I cannot help but long for that ignorance a bit myself. This is the very reason I cannot sleep in silence. The dark of night engulfs me and my spins. I get lost down my own rabbit hole of mortality and the idea of blank never after and snap goes on the radio. Give me noise for sleep or send me into craziness. So I read that quote and I find it a curse sometimes knowing that meteor will hit. I want the ignorance of not knowing better.

So now when I step back as I am finishing this annoying book. I wonder which side would I be on. The irony in that is I love to read and learn so much. But would outlaw and burn the books because they open our eyes much too wide? The statement ignorance is bliss holds some truth. Ok book ramble is done. While I love the concepts this book has and the ideas it presents I do not like how it laid out or how it reads. I am happy to be done with but I am glad I have finally read it.

This weekend Kristen and I will be watching the 1966 movie version. There is an HBO mini series coming out about it this year with a modern spin and so I am sure we will watch that as well. In this rare case maybe a movie or series will make it a better story to remember.

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