RS012 – Bonfire

Ok when you listen to this one maybe cover the ears of the little one on board. Be warned this is pretty bad word wise. This is one of my favorite rappers although he does not rap anymore. I think what I really like about him is he is a actually a very educated and accomplished individual. He is known as Childish Gambino but his real name is Donald Glover. He is an actor and a decent all around human. When you listen to him talk or when he is acting and then you listen to his rap it is like night and day. This song is one of my favorite songs because of the beat and anger behind it. It is a great work out and run song. It is a great vent song. It is a great turn it up and drown out the world song. I let him do my cussing and venting as I lip sync along to it. I mouth the words I would never say, repeat the insults I could never imagine actually yelling at some one and I smile. My blood boils a bit and then it calms. It is form me the storm before the sunlight. You need to have a bit of anger and blood boil in your life and this song helps me with that. Maybe I run an extra mile. Maybe I lift an extra weight. Maybe I write strong hard feelings down on paper. Maybe I finally yell at someone who takes advantage of me and it feels good. Maybe just listening to it takes the lid of the hot pot and allows the steam to cool.

Be warned it is explicit, violent and down right awesome lol

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