She Makes The World Better

I need to stop being a slacker here and get back to writing I tell you. You came for your visit and set my world on fire. It’s not a bad thing trust me. You made me smile, you made my family smile and you made my friends smile. You are and infectious young woman and I hope you never lose the joy and happiness you spread. Seriously my parents are off on shopping trips wanting to spoil Declan (I hope I spelled that correctly). You don’t realize how much life you injected to us all. My life was a bit rudderless and now its a I am born anew and ready to make tomorrow better for everyone I meet. I find myself saying “My Duaghter” so often. I love the look of awe and mouth drops some people have. It’s like I search out reason to bring you up. Hi gas attendant man. Yes I will take $20 on pump two. I will also take a Gatorade and did you know my Daughter lives in Alaska? Of course I am not that bad but it feels like it lol.

Thank you for being you and giving me a chance to get to know you and be even a very small part of your life.

You are simply Awesomesauce!

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