About Lost & Found

Lost & Found (From the Texas Dirt to the Alaska Snow) is blog that represents new beginnings and discovery. It is co-authored by Sarah and Robb Rivera. A father and daughter duo who have set out to learn about one another. After nearly 20 years of questions, hope, anger, hopelessness, need, smiles, laughter and a list of way to many other words to put down here, they have found one another and look to become a part of each other’s lives. How they accomplish that remains to be seen but what really matters is that they want to and our doing everything in their power to be the family they should have always been before.

Sarah and Robb know the road ahead will not be easy but, they are willing to travel upon it together. This blog is just one of the many ways they plan to take that journey. Here, at their own personal pace they will share things with one another to help them learn about each other. There are no rules. They shall post whatever tickles their fancy. It may be music, stories, hilarious selfies, jokes, poetry, memes or even angry posts about heart ache and pain. Whatever ends up on here is a gift for memory and a way for them to learn about one another.

They cannot reinvent the past but they can surely help shape the future.

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