RS011 – Alone

The title is misleading as I think the song is fun. The video is kind of neat too. It shows that you can overcome your dull and hard moments to be a pretty cool cat. I think you are a pretty cool cat. The world gets you down sometimes but as Bob says so artfully... Continue Reading →

RS010 – Dead Sea

I stood alone, upon the platform in vain The puerto ricans they were playing me salsa in the rain With open doors and manual locks In fast food parking lots I know I said I would go upbeat but considering what was on your doorstep last night or today I figured I would choose this... Continue Reading →


I must say you have a smile that lights up a room.  When I look through your photos on Instagram or Facebook I find it beautiful (Stalker Alert). I don't know if I am allowed to say I am proud yet. That may not be a right I have earned but I am going to... Continue Reading →

I Used to be a Runner

It is crushing when your body betrays you and along with it goes a passion. As I have mentioned before I used to be a runner. It started out as a trickle and then grew into a healthy addiction. I ran nearly 800 miles in 2015 alone. 2016 was supposed to top that and I... Continue Reading →


LOST One way or the other? Foward stands my destiny, Behind stands the past. Neither, show me direction. Confused of all I see, Confused of all I can not. The light shows no hope, The dark no care. So much to learn, Yet so little is of importance. My footing so delicate, For the ground... Continue Reading →

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